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Art Direction, Web Design, Publishing, Photography: communication beyond the usual boundaries

Camileonte, Camilla Giannelli's historic brand, has evolved into a laboratory of professionals dedicated to integrated communication projects. Made to provide each client with all the personal and creative baggage of each team member: innovation, professionalism and meticulous attention to detail. Each project is a new challenge, each client a new partner to be guided towards achievable and measurable goals.

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The services of Camileonte

Change the colour of your business

Our services, your transformation

Measurable, tangible, satisfying results. Camileonte leads a team that can take care of your business in every aspect. We measure the sales of an e-commerce site, take care of your online presence, improve your Google ranking and your language on social and media. We revolutionise your image by taking care of the energy, colour and reputation of your brand, breathing new life into your business.

- Project strategy 

- B2B & B2C brand communication 

- Publishing, graphic design and illustration

- Photography & post-production

- Web art direction & creative front end

- Web design & architecture

- Copywriting & digital strategy

- PR & Brand Journalism

- UX research and conceptualisation

- UI User interface design

- Accurate coding (development)

- SEO optimisation

Finalmente la web designer giusta per il mio lavoro Dopo tanti esperimenti falliti per instaurare collaborazioni produttive ed efficaci con professionisti del Web, ho finalmente trovato Camilla Giannelli! Con la sua agenzia Camileonte mi permette di gestire al meglio i progetti di comunicazione personali e dei miei clienti. Sa lavorare bene ma soprattutto è una bellissima persona, seria ed affidabile. Grazie Camilla! Creativa e originale, attenta e meticolosa in ogni fase del lavoro.
Nadia Berti
Consulente Bandi&Project Manager,
Professionista dotata di una sensibilità intelligente e raffinata, capace di cogliere le esigenze del cliente e di superarne spesso le aspettative. Una vera fortuna averti conosciuta!
Rosanna Villa
CCCP. Character, Ability, Constancy and Passion. These are Camileonte's key words. We were amazed by Camilla's great sensitivity to new trends, her punctuality and constancy in the jobs we entrusted to her, where she showed passion, autonomy of management and judgement. Camilla has character and a good attitude. She is a determined person, who thinks for herself, and has an innate ability to make relationships with others easy, with freshness and joviality.
arch. Luigi Mauro Catenacci
Web and Digital Architect,
Camilla is a grat person to work with for her enthusiastic way to face every single problem she encounter during the working sessions, and the way she resolve it, simply and efficently.
Andrea Angeli
Video Director,
Importantissimo l'ascolto per ben comprendere le esigenze dei clienti: e lo staff di Camileonte ascolta con attenzione e sa porre le domande giuste per arrivare a un prodotto a volte anche superiore alle aspettative. Brave!! Continuate così!
Chez Sylvie
Home Restaurant e Viaggi su Misura
Camilla is a great person to work with. She's nice, passionate, precise. She's creative, resolute and expert in her field. It's been a pleasure, personally and professionally, to work with her. c.
Gemma Biagiotti
Project Manager,
How and with whom Camileonte works

Looking for a reliable partner ? You can stop looking.

If you want to innovate your communication process, you are in the right place.

For companies that have understood the importance of communication.

For those who are not afraid to take risks, because doing business is already a risk.

For those who are tired of the classic standardised processes, but really want something creative.

For those who do not want a brief with an agency, but need people to talk to.

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If you are a company or a professional, your strength is talent, your mind is visionary and you like reliability and collaboration? If you want to team up and strengthen your offer, you are in the right place. Collaborate with the Camileonte team or become part of our business network, a team that offers a complete range of communication, marketing and journalism services. We are looking for reliable partners to expand our team. Write to us, we look forward to meeting you.